The portfolio of Trevor Phillippi

I’m a digital product designer with strong technical skills. I design and implement solutions to solve human problems with technology. I belive that code is craft and learning to how to make things opens one’s eyes to the things that need to be made.

Walk With Me

Walk With Me is an iOS app designed to help address personal safety issues. Walk With Me was designed and built in a weekend at PennAppsX and won top prizes from Facebook & Uber.

Coming Soon
IXD/Visual Design, Obj-C/Pop Animation


Trump is a social game made natively for iOS. Trump won at PennApps, a Division 1 Hackathon, placing in the top ten projects out of several hundred. I designed and help build it.

Coming Soon
IXD/Visual Design, Obj-C


Gutenberg is an experimental type tester for learning and playing with web typography. Built in AngularJS and Node.js. It’s a for print designers and beginner developers to explore.

Coming Soon
IXD/Visual Design, Node/AngularJS