Trevor Phillippi is a product designer at Facebook passionate about using design to solve meaningful human problems, and learning the technology necessary to implement it.

Code is the craft of digital products—learning how to make things opens one’s eyes to the things that need to be made.

Selected work is below.


Picks is an iOS app designed to help you choose your favorite photos to share and get rid of the rest. Picks was made in a weekend at PennApps Winter 15 and placed in the top ten.

IXD/Visual Design, Obj-C/Pop
A preview of the app Picks for iPhone


Trump is a social game made natively for iOS. Trump won at PennApps Spring 2014, a Division 1 Hackathon, placing in the top ten projects out of several hundred. I designed and help build it.

IXD/Visual Design, Obj-C
A preview of the Trump mobile app

Walk With Me

Walk With Me is an iOS app designed to help address personal safety issues. Walk With Me was designed and built in a weekend at PennAppsX and won top prizes from Facebook & Uber.

IXD/Visual Design, Obj-C/Pop Animation
A preview of the Walk With Me mobile appA preview of the Walk With Me mobile app


Dlixd is a concept in its very early stages that I'm developing for my thesis project. The purpose of the project is to curate and analyze delightful details in design.

IxD/Visual Design
A preview of the dlixd website


Gutenberg is an experimental type tester for learning and playing with web typography. Built in AngularJS and Node.js. It’s a for print designers and beginner developers to explore.

IXD/Visual Design, Node/AngularJS
A preview of the Gutenberg web application


Resumazing helps job seekers get noticed by offering feedback on their resumes powered by big data and machine learning. I designed our site and product, and built both.

IxD/Visual Design, HTML/CSS, AngularJS
A preview of the Resumazing web site


Bathchat was built for Software Design & Documentation at Rensselaer. Bathchat explores the pensive nature of the bath through a unique sharing experience.

IXD/Visual Design
A preview of the revolutionary Bathchat mobile application

SIS 2.0

The “Student Information System” at Rensselaer is notoriously bad. For an HCI class, I decided to redesign the system around course planning and scheduling, and build a sample Angular app.

IxD/Visual Design, HTML/CSS, AngularJS
A preview of the SIS 2.0 web application

CDTA Redesign

I worked to redesign the Capital District Transportation Authority’s existing desktop and mobile web site as a responsive site while working for Troy Web Consulting.

IXD/Visual Design
A preview of the Capital District Transportation Authority’s redesign

Selected Writing

Code as Craft

posted in design, craft

A long time ago, architects worked side-by-side with craftspeople on construction projects, called “Master Builders”. We can learn a lot from this process.

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Designing for Disparity

posted in design, development

How do we balance the desire to innovate and move forward with the need to consider underprivileged users? What living in Ethiopia taught me about Product Design.

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